SpaceX throws up another 10 Satellites from Air Base of California

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation popularly known as SpaceX is well-renowned in manufacturing space transport equipment. SpaceX is making an history by launching Falcon 9 rocket carrying 10 more satellites in space from California. Two days prior it launched another satellite BulgariaSat-1 at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center headquartered in Florida. It dropped off its first stage successfully on the drone ship of Atlantic Ocean. These set of satellites will be launched with the aim of replacing Iridium’s satellites.

Iridium provides the facility of data communications and mobile voice across the entire globe. SpaceX will launch six more satellites of Iridium after which the total count of the satellites will go up to 75. Seven minutes later after the launch, the satellites first stage dropped off in the Pacific Ocean while the second stage successfully went up carrying all the 10 satellites.

According to Elon Mask, founder of SpaceX, reusing the parts of previous satellites will be of great use. It could decrease the cost of manufacturing of the new satellites. Some of the older satellites will be retained in the space. In case if any of the newly launched satellite doesn’t function well, its functioning will be carried out by the older satellites.

They have planned to move much older and dead satellites into the lower orbits with the help of electromagnetic beams so that these satellites get burned once their fuel gets used up. All 10 satellites have carried cargos for Aerion’s joint-project. This project is space-based, tracking the information in real time systems and investigating the aircraft across the globe. It will be highly efficient, lighting up from an economic point of view and safe from all the sides.

Don Thomas, CEO of Aerion said, “The project is going to a groundbreaking part from an air-traffic control point of view.” The next launch of Iridium satellites will end up its mission of sending satellites to space and from then onwards it will start its next goal of data communications and mobile voice.

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