T-Mobile Launches its LTE-U Network in Another Six Cities

T-Mobile is a mobile communication company, headquartered in Germany. It is giving a tough fight to its competitors like AT&T and Verizon. It is the first mobile communication company that has decided to roll out LTE-U Network in order to use the never-used part of the 5 GHz spectrum to provide good coverage, high frequency, and speed to its users. According to the speed test carried out Ookla from January to March 2017, the download speed will be 25.6 Mbps.

LTE-U will go live in six cities of the US. The cities will be Bellevue, Washington; Dearborn, Michigan; Richardson, Texas; Simi Valley, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be rolling out in other cities by the end of this year.

You will require a smartphone, supported with necessary hardware and software components in order to use LTE-U network. T-Mobile will launch another network License Assisted Service (LAA) in Los Angeles next year in 2018. They are on the verge of testing and examining the process. They will be merging unlicensed 5 GHz band of LTE-U consumers with the licensed spectrum to give the better performance in terms of bandwidth and speed.

Neville Ray, the chief technology officer at T-Mobile said, “We are setting a good example of innovation by launching our LAA technology. On the other hand, our competitors are dealing in such a way that their unlimited data plans are letting their networks to come down.” “T-Mobile will be the only company with fastest LTE network while competitors AT&T and Verizon will just stand by our side looking how faster we beat them”, he further added.

LAA provides greater accumulation as compared to LTE-U. This will enable the mobile communication company to bring together licensed and unlicensed spectrum in greater quantities. T-Mobile will work harder to provide more frequency, greater speed and better coverage in future in order to satisfy its customers.

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