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Microsoft Dreams to Bring High-Speed Internet Connection to the Remote Places of America


Microsoft, the most popular software solutions provider is now planning for something big which will make it stand out of the crowd. In recent months, the company has faced many criticisms due to malware attacks like Petya virus and WannaCry attack which has interrupted the functioning of many desktop devices.

Recently Microsoft has also decided to end support for the Windows 8.1 mobile operating system and will no longer ship any security patches. Microsoft has been the pioneer in terms of providing software and the cloud-based services. The company now dreams to provide the high-speed internet connectivity to 2 million remote regions. To achieve this goal the company has started it’s 12 pilot projects and the high-speed internet connection to remote places will become available from 2022.

However, the Microsoft does not want to become one of the service providers but it will join hands with the telecommunication and the service provider companies to build the high-speed wireless connection using the unoccupied spaces between the TV broadcasts and these spaces are known as white spaces. Using these spaces, the high-speed internet connectivity to the remote places will be provided by Microsoft.

The high-speed internet connectivity will be initially available to the 12 state of America which consists of the remote places and the project will be deployed within the span of 5 years. These states are Texas, Washington, New York, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine and few more.

Broadband connectivity has become part and parcel of our life and many remote regions lack the internet access. Use of the white spaces for providing the efficient broadband connectivity will be beneficial. The use of white spaces for Internet connectivity will be less costly and its deployment requires minimum infrastructure.

Microsoft is ready to invest a huge amount of $10 billion for this project6 to become true. The company has already done the demonstration part related to this project in Africa and in India. How this technology will be useful to remote places of America remains to be seen.


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