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Users could Hijack any Account of Myspace just be Knowing the Birth Date


Myspace users, beware of the hijackers. According to the recent updates, anyone of us could hijack a Myspace account just by knowing the birth date of the victim user. Security agents are trying to secure Myspace accounts from a couple of months and were till now unsuccessful in doing so. But, today they have successfully come up with the solution to remove the defect from the application.

Myspace’s account recovery page was the real culprit behind this issue that allowed users to recover their account in case they forgot their password. The system actually asked for a username, email address and birth date for recovering the account but it looks like birth date alone is enough to recover the account. Usernames and email addresses are easily found on the user’s account. So, hackers have to hunt for birth dates to hack the account that is a bit time-consuming.

The hackers can click on forget password option and can login into the account just by entering the birth date that redirects them to password reset page where they can reset your password along with the birthdate and login address. Thereafter, the entire control of the account will go into the hacker’s hand.

“Myspace has taken a step forward to eliminate this issue and make the account secure. It has added an extra step to the verification page in order to dodge away from the improper access”, said a spokesperson from the company. After the giant company Facebook rolled out into the market, use of Myspace among the users became less. Hence, Myspace moved its existence from being social towards the news corporation and the creating professional pages for musicians group.

According to Galloway, one of the user, even if Myspace has very less number of customers, securing the app is of prior importance. She inscribes: “This application has very poor security level, bad applications of controls, invalid user input and nullified user responsibility,”


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