The IPhone 8 will Ditch Home Button to Support the use of Gestures

The iPhone 8 is on the verge of release and Apple wants to include new features and ditch the existing one. As it was rumored that iPhone 8 will no longer support Touch ID feature seems to be true. As per the latest news, Apple wants the iPhone users to make use of gestures instead of buttons and for this, the company will ditch the home button.

The home button is the prominent feature of iPhone, but with the release of iPhone 8, this feature will no longer be supported. This initiative to drop the home button may be because the company wants to provide its users with a large end-to-end display. It is expected that the release of iPhone 8 will include task bar and gesture control instead of the home button.

The users need not worry much as many smartphones today don’t even have a home button but still, they provide excellent feature and are user-friendly. Earlier the smartphones used to be all bulky with lots of buttons, clunky interface. Apple was the first company to launch the smartphone with minimum buttons and simple user interface. Only home button of the iPhone was able to perform all the tasks.

Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the best smartphone devices and along with these two new smartphones, namely iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are going to be launched. There were many rumors related to the iPhone 8 device like the device will completely eradicate the home button, will replace the Touch ID with Face ID or will move the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device or below the display.

Apple has also tested this feature of removing the home button and performing all the tasks using a software bar or through the gestures for iPhone 8. This home button will be present as a virtual home button which can perform the tasks like the physical home button but with the help of gestures.
There will be a thin software bar present on the home screen. Sliding this software bar can open the phone, present user interface, return to home screen, close the app and much more. After the launch of iPhone 8, all the features and specifications of the device will be disclosed.

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