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Canada’s Premier Video Game Holiday Preview Event
X'09 Canada
Date: September 29, 2009
City: Toronto
Province / State: Ontario
Report by: Luc Deveraux
First I wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported me in getting to X09, I would not have made it without you. And second, I am sorry this was so long coming but I have been very busy in the last week.

This was my first X0 experience, and hopefully not my last, as the community members are as nice in person as they are online. X09 was held at “This is London” night club, in downtown Toronto. I decided to park close to the highway and walk to the event, as traffic can get somewhat hectic in the downtown area. As I got closer to the venue I noticed someone who was looking around curiously at addresses, and reading signs in windows. One of the signs had instructions to go down the alley around the side of the building, and use the back entrance. After watching the curious stranger venture down the alley, I decided to follow him and see what I could find.
When I got to the back of the night club, I saw an Audi R8, and a line of about 10 familiar faces standing behind velvet ropes. Most of the people I recognized from the X09 contest videos and dashboard videos from past events. There was about an hour to kill before the media portion of the event was over, so everyone who arrived early spent the time mingling outside revealing their gamertags, making Tim’s runs, and trying to get info from the Ubisoft guy while he was on break having a cigarette. Before the doors opened the lineup of gamers went down the side of the building and around the corner. Jaken Bear was there greeting the community with a handshake while he and his camera man got some video for Xbox Canada.

As soon as the doors opened security started checking for ID’s and handing out drink tickets. This was shortly followed by a sign in, and swag giveaway. Once again Jaken Bear was there to greet the community and hand out X09 USB keys to go with the swag. When you got inside the sounds of Beatles Rockband hit your ears and the sights of 30+ XBOX360’s all playing the newest games on, and soon to be on the market. Games I saw are as follows.

Halo 3 ODST
Beatles Rockband
Lips (I don’t know what version)
South Park (Tower Defense)
Left 4 Dead 2
Splinter Cell
Tony Hawk
DJ Hero
GTA4 The Ballad Of Gay Tony

Unfortunately I didn’t realize the Modern Warfare 2 team was showing people the game at the end of the event, so I missed out on that one. Also I missed the twitter on your 360 demonstration, but I know it was there, so count on it coming soon to your 360.
At 5:00 Sinnix started handing out the X09 spartan prints, and I got a chance to meet him and tell him what a great job he did on the print. Other highlights of the event were seeing Jaken Bear draw on Rebelled’s head, because he lost a bet before the show. And I can’t forget about the bartender serving the drinks, wow wee.

After racing a few laps on Forza 3, killing a few waves in ODST, playing a few shifts in NHL10, and getting to know the community, it was time to leave for the after X0 dinner. At 7:45 on a Tuesday night 40+ people walked into an unsuspecting Jack Asters for dinner, drinks, and more video game talk. Overall I had a great experience at X09 and I can’t wait for next year’s event. Up next for me will be the Forza 3 “Drive your dreams with Forza Motorsport 3 and Xbox 360” event in Toronto.
--Luc Deveraux

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Re: Luc Deveraux at X'09 Canada

Well thanks Luc for representing the Asyolum on behalf of all those of us that would have loved to attend the event but could not.

By thryon on   10/6/2009 4:00 PM

Re: Luc Deveraux at X'09 Canada

this is awesome, thx Luc!

By gavinsly on   10/9/2009 8:21 PM

Re: Luc Deveraux at X'09 Canada

Cool beans man!!! Good stuff

Thryon what gives foolio .. u should have been there :)

By Greefer on   10/14/2009 3:57 PM

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