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It appears that the yet to be announced Turok 2 has been canceled even though Turok was a financial success. Disney Interactive had announced in March of 2008 that it had shipped over a million copies of Turok for the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. Recently Disney Interactive laid off over 170 employees, 70 from Propaganda Game alone (the Canadian development studio responsible for Turok and Turok 2). Turok 2 was rumoured to be in development for over 18 months.

I cannot help but think that had Turok 2 been a casual game for an ā€œNā€ console, where all dinosaurs sported long colourful hair that could be styled or washed with nothing more than a wiggle or waggle of some remote type controller that the game would still be in development.

While I did not find Turok to be a system seller, the game was indeed fun and worthy of a sequel. I am hoping that since the game was in development for so long that it is nearing completion and that once dinosaur hunting becomes in style again that development will continue. Maybe they should make it zombie dinos?

On a side note, Propaganda games have since turned their attention to an unknown project but it is rumoured to be the recently announced Tron 2 game.

Concept art for Turok 2

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