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The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

Release Date: April  10, 2007
Developer: Ska Studios
ESRB Rating: Mature
Reviewed by:
Matthew “Reclaimer M3GTR” Scott

Late last year Microsoft released, the NXE alongside a slew of the new features for the dashboard; Party Chat, Mii...erm I mean Avatars, Premium Themes and the Community game page. These Community games we’re derived XNA, Microsoft toolset that allows anyone to make their own game. 2007 Microsoft hosted the Dream-Build-Play Contest, which the winner would win $10,000 USD and a contract to publish the winning Arcade game though Xbox Live Arcade.

Well the year is 2009 and the winning game was The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, created by James Silva. The entire game was made by a one man team, EVERYTHING, music, art, gameplay. This game is a testament for XNA and what we should expect out of it from now on and Microsoft has its poster boy.


The game itself reminds me of all three of The Behemoth’s games (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and unnamed title), very cartoony, side scroller with excellent gameplay. Dead Samurai has three different modes. The main part of the game is the Story, which spans 14 levels, from the beginning level of the Foghorn Cafe to a graveyard to battling on a train. Dishwasher tells the story through comic panels, with the option to speed the comic up to read further on or just skips it all together. The enemies in the game are also varied from, secret agents to zombies and Robots. The Dishwasher has quite the collection of weapons at his disposable to fend off his enemies. The game starts off with just a pair of ordinary meat cleavers, but near the end of the first level the Dishwasher gains the games most unique weapon the Shiftblade. This ordinary Samurai sword is has a unique feature using the right thumbstick that can warp anywhere on the map to start devastating combos. The game also offers the dual mini scythes call Kama, a chainsaw and Uzi/Shotgun combo. Each of these can be upgraded three times. The Dishwasher also gains Dish magic, which can wipe-out all the enemies on the screen.

The gameplay is one of the best parts of the game, performing devastating combos and brutal execution. The game has either a choice of X, B, Y, which are so over the top and awesome. Each enemy you fight has a unique strategy to them. From shoving the meat cleaver in the throat of the enemy and slicing their throat or cutting them in half.

At the time of this reviews of yet to finish this game on normal. This for me is something I hate to do...calling this game brutally difficult is a true understatement. I made it not even half way through, fought the prior levels boss some 40 plus times, before I went and beat the game on easy. Everything you get in your first play though carry over to the games normal and higher difficulty.

The game has plenty of replay value in it, and I recommend this game highly. Dishwasher has plenty of challenge it and with lots of modes to play. The game has very easy controls, so it’s very user friendly .The price is worth it being only 800MSP and is a must buy for Arcade fanatics and 2D side scrolling games.

-- Matthew “Reclaimer M3GTR” Scott

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Great review. I hope we do see more from you.

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Very nice man keep up the good work.

By Dalamornight on   4/21/2009 7:20 AM
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