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by Brian Wray (Thryon)

Ah Summer time. Since in Canada that means no ice hockey, may as well stay indoors and play games. Microsoft has you covered by offering some quality Xbox Live Arcade game for you to waste your time (and money) on.

The line up this time include

Splosion Man - Fools they were, to tread where knowledge should stay forbidden. For what emerged was not a man—it was Splosion Man™. "And all who saw him were 'sploded, for he was the fire and they were but meat." Able to 'splode himself at will, Splosion Man launches his way through levels, an uncontainable force. From Twisted Pixel Games, developer of the award-winning The Maw, comes a single- or co-op multiplayer experience that 'splodes like no other.

* Single-player adventure: Play through 50 single-player levels split into three environmentally different chapters as Splosion Man escapes the underground Big Science Labs where he was created.
* Multiplayer action: Jump into 50 multiplayer levels supporting up to four player co-op split into three different chapters.
* Bonuses: Get free unlockable premium dashboard theme, gamerpics, and Avatar accessories.
* Visual style: The personality and humor shine through in film-like cinematics and hundreds of in-game animations. Vivid and colorful graphics advance character animation and emotion.
* Hours of fun: Splosion Man is a retail game's amount of content that can be downloaded from the comfort of your own living room.
* Musical talent: The original music score is from award-winning composers Joshua R. Mosely (single-player levels) and John DeBorde (multiplayer levels).

Shadow Complex - From blockbuster developers Epic Games and Chair Entertainment comes the next evolution in Xbox LIVE Arcade games. Powered by the industry-leading Unreal Engine 3, Shadow Complex™ is the height of old-school side-scrolling design combined with modern, cutting-edge gameplay.

In Shadow Complex, gameplay is centered on exploration and fast-paced combat as you gather game-altering power-ups and an arsenal of futuristic weapons to overcome obstacles, thwart legions of enemies, and delve into a mysterious open game world. The original single-player adventure is set in a compelling universe based upon the best-selling novel, Empire, by Orson Scott Card.

* Original game: This completely original game features full 3-D side-scrolling action. The incredible next-gen graphics and robust physics combine with an open, evolving world design mixed with an awesome, compelling action-thriller story.
* Power-ups: Seek out 17 unique game altering power-ups, with more than 100 additional items and modifiers to discover and use.
* Bad guys: Fight against a large variety of enemies and experience massive, jaw-dropping boss battles.
* Pick up and play: The super-tight controls are simple and intuitive but also allow advanced players additional depth and precision.
* Noted scriptwriter: Shadow Complex features a script written by Peter David, one of the most popular comic book writers of all time. It's the first game to be set in Chair's Empire universe and based upon the best-selling novel by Orson Scott Card.
* Legendary developers: Shadow Complex is produced by Epic Games, creators of the award-winning Unreal and Gears of War video game franchises and the industry-leading Unreal Engine.

TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-shelled - Everyone's favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ game is back with a brand new look in Turtles in Time Re-Shelled for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. The arcade classic has been revamped with all new 3-D graphics, but with the same classic beat-'em-up gameplay. Take on the Foot and bosses alone or in a team of four. Cowabunga, dudes!

* New graphics, classic gameplay: The game has upgraded 3-D graphics, but still features the same side-scrolling beat-'em-up gameplay we all love.
* Multiplayer: Play the four-player co-op and survival modes available online and locally.
* Cowabunga, dudes!: It's the Turtles back in one of their all-time classic arcade games, now playable on Xbox 360®.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - Rule the arena of the world's two most powerful fighting universes. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is, bar-none, the most insane tag-team fighting game on the planet! An unprecedented choice of 56 playable characters raises the bar on arcade fighting with three-on-three tag-team battles, unbelievable control, and hyper-fast animation. Pick a fight with your favorite legendary Capcom characters and super heroes from the Marvel universe, and watch the super combos fly.

Monkey Island Special Edition - A special edition of the classic Lucasart game.

Trials HD - Trials HD is a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing game with over 50 mind-boggling tracks in two unique game modes. Race Mode emphasizes balance, skill, and control as you tackle indoor obstacle tracks. Skill Mode features extreme stunt tracks in which explosions, crashes, and injuries cannot be avoided. A level editor enables players to create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks. The game features stunning full HD graphics, rider customization, unlockable bikes, global rankings, all new in-game friend scores, and many other fun features. Can you handle the bruises and broken bones—and take part in a truly unique racing experience?

* Tons of tracks: Over 50 versatile tracks will test your racing and stunt riding skills.
* Level sharing: The level editor allows you to create your own levels and share them with other racers.
* Customization: Unlock new bikes as you ride, and make your rider your own.
* Leaderboards: Trials HD features a new type of in-game friend scores and global rankings

At ;east I will not burn this way.

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