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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
Summer of Arcade may be over, but the games keep on arriving every Wednesday. This week will see the release of two more XBLA games with Defense Grid & Yo Ho Kablammo. Defense Grid is a tower defense game while Yo Ho Kablammo is a pirate inspired high seas action game. Both games come in at 800MS points each.
Defense Grid:

The definitive tower defense game for Xbox LIVEĀ®, Defense Grid: The Awakening is easy to pick up, engrossing to play, and hard to set down. Strategically place your towers on the map to prevent alien enemies from stealing your power cores. Play for just fifteen minutes or several hours! This award-winning game includes 10 hours of story play with 20 unique maps in the Awakening campaign, four bonus Borderlands maps, a wide variety of tower and enemy types, an interactive soundtrack, plus over 100 unlockable challenge modes adding dozens of hours of additional fun. Protect the Cores!

* Multiple levels: The game features 20 story levels with four bonus Borderlands levels with new terrain, unique placement of roads, platforms, obstacles, tower build locations, and open areas for you to plan your strategy. There's also 100 interesting challenge modes with unique situations and objectives that may alter your strategies.
* Tons of play: There are 10 hours of story-driven play with dozens of hours and more of challenge mode play.
* Unique enemies and towers: Defeat 15 different enemy types that become increasingly strong, and that use a variety of strategies in order to steal your cores. Build 10 different tower designs with three levels of capability for each, featuring unique weapon effects and trade-offs for each type.
* Achievements and leaderboards: Earn twelve new achievements, and track your progress on the leaderboards where you can compare your score with that of your friends.

Yo Ho Kablammo:

Immerse yourself in the fully 3-D pirate world of Yo-Ho Kablammo. Master your vessel and take to the seas in this frantic action-packed game. Blast your foes with cannon fire, collect numerous power-ups to give you the upper hand, and collect the spoils of your victory. Set your sails and navigate a variety of ships all with unique playing styles.

Play the single player challenges or battle your friends in multiplayer madness online and offline, to show who the true pirate is. Only one can survive in these ruthless times, will it be you? Your ship awaits, captain!

* Multiple game modes: With local multiplayer, Xbox LIVE multiplayer, plus 15 single-player challenges, players can earn bronze, silver, or gold on challenges. These are also linked to leaderboards so players can compete to be the best at challenges.
* Custom rule set creation: Players will be able to create their own game types. This means endless amounts of game types, keeping the game fresh and also giving players the chance to make the next hottest game type.
Defense Grid does look quite good. I am not a fan of tower defense games, but this one looks quite promising.

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