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"I got no strings, to hold me down"
Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
Release Date: November 01, 2006
Developer: Microsoft
Hardware Category: Headset
Reviewed by: Brian Wray
Does this scenario sound familiar? You are sitting down all comfy on your favourite gaming chair playing an intense game or Gears of War on Live with your buddies. Suddenly in a fit of rage (after having been taken out by boomers once again) you toss your wireless controller towards the other end of the room, only to feel your head jerk violently in the direction of the airborne controller. Perhaps you are not so violent, but decide to go for a drink and place your controller down and start heading towards the kitchen, only to see your obedient controller following you as would a puppy.

Having a wireless controller is one of my favourite parts of the Xbox 360 experience, but having to connect my headset to this controller kind of takes away from the feeling of total freedom. Do not worry for Microsoft has once again come to the rescue to those gamers that are cnidophobic (fear of strings or wires….look it up). The Microsoft Wireless Headset is what freedom cravers have been waiting for. The unit is small and lightweight, and fits snugly behind your ear. Since the unit is so lightweight, that I constantly forgot I was wearing it most times, and would keep doing so once my gaming session was long done and looked quite foolish in the process. That is the price to pay for freedom.
The wireless headset contains a battery that can be recharged with a wall charger (provided). The battery will give you a good 8 hours of constant communication with your fellow gamers on a single charge. The unit comes with two earpieces to adapt to various ear sizes (normal ones and huge dumbo ones like my own). The headset comes with 3 large buttons, that can all be controlled without need of sight. The middle button turns the unit on or off, and the two surrounding it, will adjust the volume.

The wireless headset initially will connect to a free slot on your console, (so if you have 4 controllers running, you will need to turn one off before you can connect this puppy), but once it has been linked to a console, it will map to a controller allowing 4 wireless controllers and 4 wireless headsets all linked to a single Xbox 360.

After having used the wireless headset for several weeks now, the first thing I noticed was a vast improvement in sound quality for both my ability to hear others and their ability to hear me over the standard wired headset that comes with the console. I do remember reading on the Internet about others gamers who experience sound degradation with the wireless headset, but for my personal experience, this has not been the case
The main problem with the unit is the price, at $69.99; it is priced identical to a new game. Mind you that I have already seen this puppy on sale for $59.99. The price may be steep, but as with most Microsoft Xbox 360 products, you do get quality for your money.

My overall opinion of this product is very good. Why they did not allow for a simple option to charge the unit via USB I am not sure, but this is not a real inconvenience unless you misplace or lose the wall charger. This lack of USB recharge option drops the unit out of a perfect score in my opinion.
--Brian Wray

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