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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
After a few delays, the final 3 episodes of Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. In fact “The Last Resort”, “Muzzled!” and “The Bogey Man” all arrive this week on Xbox Live Arcade. Each episode will set you back 800MS points, or 2400MS points for all 3 (for the mathematically challenged among us). So come this Wednesday, load up on MS points, grab a piece of Wensleydale and settle back for some great fun Wallace & Gromit style.
To say that the release of the episodic story of Wallace & Gromit: Grand Adventures was a bit sporadic is an understatement. The series went missing after having released the first episode “Fright of the Bumblebees” about 8 months ago. The follow-up “The last Resort” was scheduled for release in September, but this was retracted and we have not heard from the game again. The problem only plagued the Xbox 360 as the PC version of Grand Adventures buzzed along fine releasing all 4 episodes in just 5 months.

For those that may find the price a bit high, remember that you are getting a full game with all 4 episodes for 3200MS points or about $45. Not a bad price for a new game. I will be picking up all 3 episodes as I really enjoyed the first one.

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