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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
Halo Waypoint has gone live in Canada. The place for all things Halo related, was made available for Live Gold members in the US last week. Now everyone that is a gold member can enjoy Halo Waypoint. What is Halo Waypoint you ask? Well I am glad you asked.
alo Waypoint is a new destination on Xbox LIVE for Halo fans around the world. It informs fans of the latest Halo news and activities, and grants access to content ranging from interviews, trailers and screenshots, to exclusive video footage and community content that you won’t find anywhere else. It also provides a new challenge for Halo gamers with a career system tied to in-game accomplishments across multiple Halo games. Halo Waypoint provides a dynamic experience that continues to grow and expand with new content updated regularly.
The preceding was from Microsoft's Halo web site on Even if you are not a huge Halo fan, but played and finished the games, you will unlocked some cool avatar awards for just loading up Halo Waypoint.

PS/ Halo Waypoint will be the only place to watch the Halo Legend series of animes. Each show will be relased every Saturday for the next 8 week. Each show will only be available for viewing for 24 hours so do not miss out.

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Hey i think Waypoint is pretty sweet. I like how you can check out all your Halo Achievements in one spot and new milestones that makes me want to play the game more. i got some cool awards for my Avatar. I also watched the first Halo Legend and thought they did a good job.

By Newoutlaw on   11/9/2009 3:29 PM
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