Jan 4

Written by: Asylum News
1/4/2010 11:54 PM 

by Brian Wray (Thryon)
NinjaBee's addictive resource management game "A Kingdom for Keflings" is the featured Xbox Live Deal of the week. For this week only, you can purchase the game for only 400MS points. This is half the normal cost of 800MS points of this fun avatar friendly title.

Place your customized Xbox LIVEĀ® Avatar in the medieval world of A Kingdom for Keflings, a new city-building game from NinjaBee. Play as your Avatar or choose from other friendly giants as you teach the local Keflings how to collect and convert resources to customize your kingdom. Educate and train your Keflings to become workers, scholars, even Mayor of the city! Build your kingdom alone or cooperatively with up to three of your friends online. The more you build, the more buildings you unlock and the more Keflings you attract, so start building today!

* City-building fun: In an original approach to a well-loved genre, A Kingdom for Keflings features a large avatar interacting with the Keflings, resources, and buildings of a small village. Resources and Keflings can be converted from one type to another. Buildings can be built and upgraded with a combination of specific resources and specific Kefling types. Buildings in turn make new resources and Kefling types available, unlock new building types, attract more Keflings, and achieve other game goals.
* Xbox LIVE Avatar: It's the first game of its kind on Xbox LIVE Arcade to support full in-game playable avatars. Move your avatar around, pick up the Keflings and pop them into buildings.
* Customization: Make your city your own by customizing the look and color of buildings, and decorating the village with additional elements such as trees and statues.
* The time of the season: Stylized animated graphics change with the seasons, and a dynamic music soundtrack (which adapts to the season and the state of the village) gives the game an unusually strong sense of life and activity.
* Co-op play: Build cities cooperatively over Xbox LIVE with up to three of your friends.
I am sure this was already recently discounted, but I cannot find any evidence of this. Indifferent, the game is a blast to play and extremely friendly for all members of the family.

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