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1/5/2010 1:14 AM 

by Brian Wray (Thryon)
After a unusually quite Wednesday last week, Xbox Live Arcade is back in full swing. This week "Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond" looks to kick off 2010 with a bang. "Blood Bath and Beyond" looks to mimic the amazing visuals and gameplay style of Shadow Complex. The game will also mimic the price as "Blood Bath and Beyond" will cost 1200MS points.

This is the ultimate arcade action experience for hardcore video game fans! Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond™ is an homage to the greatest side-scrolling action video games of all time. Starring classic action hero Matt Hazard and all his greatest enemies, the game features tons of weapons, nonstop explosions, and gorgeous 3-D environments. Battle everything from evil ninjas to killer penguins. Survive incredible boss battles. And, of course, enjoy side-by-side two-player gameplay. It's non-stop run and gun survival at its finest in an over-the-top modern vision of timeless video game themes.

* The most awesome arcade action experience ever: Classic side-scrolling action meets gorgeous 3-D environments and modern, over-the-top combat, including background targeting. it's a dynamic tribute to the greatest action arcade games of all time.
* Become video game hero Matt Hazard: The "greatest hero in the history of video games" returns for a final showdown with his greatest enemies and the diabolical, nefarious, and villainous General Neutronov.
* Tons of weapons, tons of enemies: Use timeless tools like flame throwers, rocket launchers, and lasers to rip apart an onslaught of classic and new video game enemies. Take out mutant penguins, evil ninjas, naughty cowboys, and giant bosses like the 200-foot-tall mechanical Rhino-zilla.
* Evil environments come to life: Experience pirate hideouts, Siberian ice mines, outer space, and more. Everything is beautifully rendered with tons to destroy!
* Two-player co-op gameplay and online leaderboards: Play side-by-side with friends and track high scores online.
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond is a parody turned into reality. The game was a fictional title of Matt Hazard's in Eat Lead, but now the parody turned into prophecy with the release of the game on Xbox Live Arcade. One can only wonder if other games mentioned in Eat Lead will also materialize. One can only hope.


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Re: Matt Hazard returns to the Xbox 360 console this Wednesday

Can't wait this game is just gonna be funny. Only Picking this up because of Dal

By Reclaimer M3GTR on   1/5/2010 2:25 PM
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