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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
“Return to Ostagar”, the first DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, was announced last November shortly after the game was released. In Return to Ostagar, gamers would return to the scene of the great battle to retrieve the dead king’s enchanted armour. This will lead to plenty of side quests and fighting.

The DLC was planned for a holiday ’09 released, but got delayed till January 5th. Now it appears the DLC has once again been delayed. This time the delay was only supposed to last a single day and players could “Return to Ostagar” today. Today is now here and the DLC is still nowhere to be found leading many to speculate the DLC has been canned in favour of the newly announced “Awakening” expansion pack.
I am all for expansion packs over DLC. Expansion packs appears to add a lot more gameplay for your $$$. Also expansion packs do eventually go on sale or purchased used. Expansion packs can also be shared with friends, something DLC cannot. This is not to say that the “Return to Ostagar” DLC has been completely scrapped, but given the announcement of Awakening, how many gamers will actually pluck down 400MS points for an extra couple hours of game content as opposed to the huge amount of goodies to be included in Awakening?

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