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Written by: Brian Wray
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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
Final Fantasy XIII was released today in North America. The months leading up to the release was focused on which version of the game would look better. This is after all Sony's chance to outshine the Xbox 360 and prove that Blu-Ray is indeed essential to gaming. Not trusting the opinion of any site that generates advertising $$$, I set out to find out for myself if any particular version displayed a significant advantage over another. Please note that I do not have any fancy screen capture utility, just my camera. All images where taken under identical conditions.

PS/ To make things fair, I will never disclose which screenshots are from which version of the game.
First I will compare gaming manuals. the PS3 one has an extra full page picture, but the Xbox 360 one has larger pictures. The text in the 360 manual is also easier to read, but this is really a push.

The intro video was identical in both versions. The Xbox 360 displayed a few artifacts in the second pre-rendered video, something that was was not present in the PS3 version.

Sound quality appeared to favour the Xbox 360 only that is sounded a bit fuller for the sub, but that could have been because it was louder than the PS3 version at the same volume (all going through the same audio equipment).

I honestly expected little difference in graphics while in pre-rendered mode, but what surprised me was how little difference there was between both version when in actual gameplay. In fact, aside from a few extra jaggies in character shadows on the Xbox 360 version, the differences are virtually non-existent. I kept switching back from one game to the other looking at small things such as shadows, reflections, particle effects, hair and other fine details and still nothing stood out for the Xbox 360 or the PS3. There was one main difference to note and that was loading times for either game. The PS3 loading screen ranged from 9 to 24 seconds while the Xbox 360 ranged from 4 t0 14 seconds. Neither game was installed to the hard drive. For the record, movement in both versions was horrible.
As for the game itself. It is as expected so far. Watch a pre-rendered video...go from point A to point B fighting everything in between with no alternate route options....face a tough another pre-rendered video. Rince and repeat. But that is just a couple hours into the game. Things may improve.

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Good luck on the game. I use to be a huge Final Fantasy fan until X-2. It seemed to be to girly for me. Also played 12 but the games seem to have a different feel. Maybe I am just getting to old, lol.

By Newoutlaw on   3/11/2010 9:38 AM

I heard that the majority of the compression was due to the FMV sequences, so I would imagine that is where the biggest differences are? How do the video sequences stack up to each other?

By ibanezdropd on   3/12/2010 2:43 AM

As indicated above, there was no difference between the intro video, but the first video afterwards, the Xbox 360 version displayed a few artifacts on screen that was not on the PS3 version. I did not notice any such problems in any other video on the first two chapters.

By Brian Wray on   3/12/2010 8:40 AM
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