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Written by: Brian Wray
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Episode 2010.03 is now available for download.

The rebirth of The Padded Room has me going solo. I decided to start things off by looking at the recent Bungie/Activision deal (which is not a merger).

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Hummmm ... wonder how long until the Plasma Sword becomes a WoW item =\

I don't see why Bungie would do this, like you said...Infinityward is pretty much dead now. Sad to see a company that was putting out such good games get torn up like that.

I don't understand why Bungie would complain about MS though .... Halo on the Xbox MADE thier name. Not sure they would still be around today if it would of been a Mac only title.

As long as quality games keep coming out ... I'll be happy. When it gets to games, I vote with my wallet.

By Kireler on   5/4/2010 8:14 AM

zune wont let me subscribe =(

By Althenias on   5/10/2010 1:27 AM
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