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Written by: Brian Wray
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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
It has been just over two weeks since I started my new “52 Weeks of Kinect Gaming” challenge (I posted about it a bit late). I am pleased to say that things are going great.

My challenge began the day that EA Active 2.0 came out. The game was to be the cornerstone of a healthier, more active lifestyle. I would complete a full workout each day and complement this with other Kinect games to reach my full hour of physical activity. Kinect would in fact completely replace my gym membership which has been active for over 6 years now.
EA Active 2.0 is the new game from EA Vancouver (yep, I still support Canadian developers). The game is a fitness game for the Kinect. Unlike its competitors, the game ships with an actual heart rate monitor. Anyone who frequents a gym will tell you that this device is an essential for weight loss, weight maintenance and improved cardiovascular health. The game comes complete with two pre-defined workouts with a range of 52 somewhat different exercises. Two distinct trainers will do their best to guide you and keep you motivated. If that was not enough, the game also features plenty of tools and an online community to ensure a no fail environment.

As it turned out, I only actually used EA Active 2.0 three times during the first week and four more times the second week. The game actually only allows for four half-hour exercise routines per week. Aside from this, the game does not offer any mini-games to give you something to do when not performing the full workout. Not to mention the bad habit of it loosing track of the player several times in a workout session. I did get my full hour of Kinect per day thanks to Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports. Both games are not only great exercise, but great fun as well.

I has also rented Fighters Uncaged. I was looking forward to a fighting type game to get the blood flowing. Running in spot is fine, but a real one-on-one fight would be a blast. Or so it should have been if done right. The main problem with the game is that it tends to forget it is a Kinect game. With Kinect, gamers simply want to kick and punch their way to victory. The game designers opted instead to create a complex combat system in which the distance between fighters determined the type of move that could be performed. Combine this with the bad view angle of the game and it became very frustrating to play as punch after punch failed to register simply because the other fighter was out of striking distance. Another problem is that each time I started a fake fight I would instantly fall into a fighter’s stance with my left foot slightly ahead of my right. This would register as a kick in the game. To play Fighters Uncaged , I had to stand in square to the game and perform my moves. This removed any type of authenticity to the game and consequently the fun as well. The game was very good exercise thought.

So did I lose any weight during my two weeks? I am pleased to say yes. I actually dropped 4.8lbs. This is not yet cause for celebration. A drop or gain of 5lbs is not all that uncommon for a person of my size. What is more impressive is how much more energy I appear to have after only the first two week. I am a little less exhausted after a 30 minute workout and a lot less sore the next day

That is all for this now. I shall be back in 7 more days to provide you all with an updated report and mini-game review.

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You're CRAZY lol

I looked forward to reading your reviews on this to see if you can actually loose weight and if the games are any good.

keep up the good work buddy

The french ITALIAN

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