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Written by: Brian Wray
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by Brian Wray (Thryon)
For the second time I am posting my progress report (I am sensing a pattern here). What can I say, it's the holidays. So during this festive time of year, have I been following up on my challenge? You bet your booty I have. Mind you the intensity of my gaming has dropped a bit (something I plan on resolving).

It has now been 5 weeks since I started playing one hour of Kinect gaming each and every single day. I have to say that the difference between day 1 and day 35+ is quite remarkable. On the first day I was panting and wheezing like an old man after only half hour of playing. Now unless I push myself extremely hard, I can do the entire hour without much trouble. Do not get me wrong, there is still a little panting and wheezing, but more of a “I just had a good run” panting rather than “I am dying here, please call 911” style of gasping.
Another area that I can notice great improvements have been in my clothing. My good fitting clothing is now my loose fitting clothing and my snug fitting ones have become my good fitting stack. Yep, I may only be down about a dozen pounds on the scales, but my wardrobe is telling me I am on the right path.

Still not everything is rosy in Kinect Land. I am starting to tire from the same games over and over again. I completed Kinect Adventures a couple times over and EA Active is seriously starting to feel repetitive. I guess I expected this but hoped for a consistent flow of Kinect titles to keep me entertained. That is not to say that I have mastered all Kinect games released so far. Dance Central is a game I will spend a lot more time playing over the next month. Which is a perfect segue into my mini-game reviews of the week.

Dance Central is a dance game produced by Harmonix (original creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band) for the Kinect. The game has you learning and performing hundreds of different dance moves to popular music mixes. If the prospect of dancing sends shivers down your uncoordinated body, know that the game can be tailored to just about any skill level. In fact as long as you can stand on both legs and move with some form of fluidity, you can play Dance Central. This is not to say the game is easy. Some of these moves are quite simple (I can super nail “The Torch” everytime) while others are insanely difficult to pull off. I am not talking about any break dancing moves here, but some coordination is still required to excel at the game on the tougher levels. A dance can comprise of a dozen or so moves on easy levels while expert players will need to string together several dozen moves to beat the song.

With all the moving going on, it is not a surprise that Dance Central packs a wallop in the workout category. Still the game is so fun that you will not notice how much time (and calories) you just wasted trying to master all the moves to “Jungle Boogie” or “Poker Face”.

Kinect Adventures is nothing more than 5 mini-games; Rallyball, Reflex Ridge, Space Pop, River Rush, and 20,000 Leaks. The various mini-games will have players jumping, ducking, dodging, strafing and reaching for the stars (actually timers and diamonds). Each mini-game is quite fun on their own, but Kinect Adventures packages all 5 types into fun challenges. Completing these challenges will reward the player with achievements, avatar rewards or new challenges. Kinect Adventures can be learnt by anyone in minutes, but will keep you entertained for hours (quite a few hours so far actually). And it packs quite a workout to boot especially on the more advanced levels.

Final game mini-review is Sonic Free Riders. The game is kind of like Mario Kart Racing, but without the karts, the controller or the fun. How little fun was Sonic Free Riders? Well I could not even get passed the tutorial before tossing out the game and returning to Dance Central. Next week I will talk about that game instead.

At the end of week 5, my current weight is now at 268.0. This is a reduction of just .8 of an lbs from last week and a total reduction of 13 lbs from were I started only 5 weeks ago. Since we are in the start of the official holiday season, I will redouble my efforts to push myself more during the next two weeks to offset all the holiday treats I will surely encounter.

Next update will be in 2011 (or about two weeks).

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