By Brian Wray on 3/31/2010 10:26 PM
The Asylum is a gaming site. While the focus is mostly Xbox 360, we do play all types of games including non-electronic games. Zombie Dice is, as the name indicates, a dice game. The game comes with 13 six sided dice. Each dice features a different number of brains, shotgun blast and escaped victims. Players take on a role of a zombie with the goal off collecting 13 brains before any other zombie. To achieve this goal, the player must roll 3 dice, accumulating as many brains as possible without before getting shot 3 times. Players can end their round at any point and keep any brains they have acquired or gamble a bit and go for more brains, but if a zombie gets shot 3 or more times they loose all accumulated brains for that round. Read on for more information.
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