Dec 30

Written by: Asylum News
12/30/2009 12:37 AM 

by Brian Wray (Thryon)
Welcome back to Emergence Day. This is the day that Gears of War makes its re-emergence on the Xbox 360 in the form of digital download. Joining the classic title (but not posted as I was enjoying my holidays) has been "Lost Planet: Colonies Edition". "Devil May Cry 4" and "Viva Pinata: Party Animals". Prices vary per title, but know that all are overpriced.
I ask this question all the time, "Who is buying this stuff"? Lost Planet" Colonies Edition will run you $24.99, Devil May Cry 4 another $29.99. Viva Pinata Party Animals $19.99 and Gears of War a mind boggling $39.99. Total cost of the 4 recently released games = $114.96

The same 4 games will run you $89.97 at, but this price includes Dead Rising to boot. Want even cheaper? has the set for $74.94. Consider that the Trade-in value for the 4 titles is currently at about $14.25, something that you do not get with the digital versions of the game, and you can easily see how Games on Demand should be renamed Suckers on Demand.

Come on MS, give us a fair price.

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