Jan 4

Written by: Brian Wray
1/4/2010 1:19 AM 

by Brian Wray (Thryon)
2010! Can you believe it has already been a decade since we all celebrated the turn of the century (well those of us that was brave enough to celebrate amiss Y2K fears).

2009 was a great year for the Asylum. The year saw just short of 3.5 million hits to the site, an increase of about 1 million over 2008. My goal for 2010 is to capitalize on this growth to continue my efforts to make The Asylum the best Canadian Xbox 360 community website available. The following is a brief look ahead on how I plan to achieve this goal.

Now that my "52 Weeks of Canadian Gaming" challenge is done, I will focus my energy on acquiring more Canadian content for The Asylum. I plan to be in touch with various Canadian developers to provide more "Questions & Answers" type articles as was done with the fine folks at Artificial Mind and Movement for the release of "Wet". Leading this focus on more Canadian content will be interviews with a few Atlantic Canadian Xbox Live Indie Game developers that should appear in the next few weeks.

The Padded Room podcast was published 20 times in 2009, but only a few times since August leading many to wonder if the podcast is dead. No it is not. While we were short of our personal goal of producing 26 episode during the year, our intentions is to bring back the podcast with a fresh new outlook. We will return to a 20-30 minute show format that everyone preferred. The show will also come with some fault tolerance. In the past, if one of the co-host was not available on a specific night (the only night we could record), the show did not get done that week. I have since secured a series of fill-ins so on those occasions when a co-host is not available, a replacement co-host will be called in to ensure that we always do have a show. Look for the first podcast of 2010 to be available later this week.

2010 will also see the the birth of Gaming Simians, a new web comic that will hopefully debut in March 2010. I have always wanted to produce a web comic and Gaming Simians will be the result of that dream. Gaming Simians will tell the story of two monkeys that were genetically enhanced by the Canadian military, but were released once government cutbacks closed down the secret project. So what does two super intelligent monkeys do once free to live on their own. They play games of course. Look for more news on Gaming Simians right here on the Asylum soon.

My final goal for 2010 is to have a greater presence for The Asylum. If there is a gaming event in Canada, I want our name there. Luc Deveraux made us all proud by representing The Asylum at X09. I want to extend this by having an Asylum member at all gaming events. To this end, The Asylum will be in full force at PAX East in Boston this March. Dalamornight, Sileed and I will be present in person to bring you all your gaming news with our first on site live podcasts, interviews and much more.

Yes 2010 will be a defining year for the Asylum. I am looking forward to sharing many memories with you all.

PS/ 2010 did not start on the best foot as I must morn the passing of a friend. RIP my Blu-Ray player. On a sidenote, the PS3 does make a great bookend.

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